Learn from others' mistakes

Improve your language skills by learning from how we corrected others.

When I was in primary school, everyone as my age loved reading comic books which, some of twhichem are still famous until today, such as Doraemon, Dragon Balls.., etc. At first, we read it just because it was interesting,. wWe felt that we were ion the adventures with the figucharacters in those books. Then, we realized that we h.....

Hi Cheryl,
Could you please send the information about the banquet
to Song, so he can purchase the table.?
Thanks so much

There is nothing wrong with criticism, as long as it is constrauctive criticism :). At least I know that someone is reading my e-mail :)
Have a great night

I applied to the program, and chose the office administration trade as my first choice, in order to be a Microsoft Office specialist, and then to move forward to the advanced trade, so that I could improve myself in the network and computer repair fields. After this, I will try to get my Master's de.....

Paddy's Pub has last ybecar joinmed as a member withof the Philadelphia Bar and Restaurant Association last year, after blecomarning aware that they are supporting local establishments winth certification, start-up advices, annual awards, and billboard advertising campaigns.

Good Mmorning,

I was going through my emails and I came across your
I was wondering , ifs the position is still available?

I am interested Iand have a couple of questions: , I w
anted to knowis your location, and? w
hat woulkind be theof benefits do you offer?

Thanks ,

Many people realize their life plans.
Besides, I think his views on women are
a definitely misundewrstandiong.
President Donald Trump believes that women should be at home
and, cooking and dealing with children. ChauvinHistic words thatre spechakuvinistic.

The current pPresident of the United States, Donald Trump, has won his presidency after winning the election.
Some are his passionate fans, others hate him and would like someone more responsible in this position.
It is commonly said that the president should be a somaeone who carries peace and goodness
in .....

Dear Arfhacom,

Any update regarding this issue?

Based on our previous e-mail that we sent with
the attached test result before, we found that the speedtest result via the Arfhacom server is running well with 20ms latency.
But now, we test
ed it again with the same server, and we found that the latency is.....

Hi Emma!
My parents
have just told me that we're going to go to the Miami, so we will meet! I'm very excitinged. Have you ever been in their seaquarium? ThaIt's amazing. We can go to the funfair, and we must go to the sunny beach. You can know that it will be a fantastic holidays. I will write later! Bye!


That said, through, if a project gets so far behind that out -of -hours work is essential to bring imeet's deadlines, it's important to view the project management side of things. Everything that can be done to avoid those situations in the first place should be didone. Some may say that's a naive outlookout, but it.....

The authorities of our city are planning to get rid of metal and plastic containers, as they are located in a private area. Local authorities should take care of this issue and find a new place for containers. If the containers for sorted waste disappear, a large panumbert of people will stop segregati.....

Treating your coworkers aslike cows has never appealed to me , butt some corporate executives tend to think of front-line staff as imeminently expaendable. When push comes to kick, it's company is loyalty that can make the difference between solventcy and bankruptcy. Having loyal, hardworking staff members who will.....

Skyler Perkins
Instructor D. Speaks
March 20, 2017
A Hero
A hero is selfless and brave. A hero does not have to have superpowers or wear a silly costume
,; they can be ordinary people. When I think of a hero, I think of someone who helps people without thinking of the reward. A hero cares abou.....

A Yyes” point is when a girl asks you sudden questions to check if you are honest , reliable, and not trying to be a playboy. For example, if a girl says, Tomorrow I won’t be able to meet up" at the last minute when you have plans to meet up with her., Sshe is checking on you to see how desperate you .....

CThe company is founded on, the ideal of family values, which is oan ideal I can relate to. Treating your coworkers aslike cows has never applealed to me , butt some corporate executives tend to think of front-line staff as imminently expaendable.

In 2016, I founded the Edison jJob cCorps as, a great opportunity to expand my knowledge in the computer field. So, I applied to the program and chose the office administration trade as my first choice, in order to be able to apply to the advanced trade, so I could improve myself in the networking and compute.....

In 2015, my husband had a five-year scholarship opportunity in the United States for five years to pursue his studyies in order to get his Ph.D. in the electrical engineering field. So we came together to the uUnited sStates. When we arrived, I attended some English classes in order to improve my language skills. Aft.....

I've been to the cinema into see the pPitbull movie dDangerous wWomean. tThis iwas the latest part of thea trilogy ofrom the direvectorie pPatricianyk vVegia. I really liked the dialogue between the actors and the storyline. BI laughed a lot whingle watching this film I laugh a lot, because it is a Polish film.

Why do I want to apply tfor advance training? Since I was a child, I had a dream to be a computer specialist and to discover very sophisticated software that would serve the human beings. In our country the, students would bare accepted to the colleges depbasending on their high school average. And iIn order to be accepted into th.....