Learn from others' mistakes

Improve your language skills by learning from how we corrected others.

WRITALK is an english learning platform for young employees and students that want to Upgradeupgrade their educational and career paths by mastering english.
The platform offers three main products:
one-to-oneOne-to-one conversation classes, group english classes, and writing correction that is presented in a friend.....

The question as to what we mean by truth and falsehood, which we considered in
the proceeding chapter, is of much less interest than the question as to how we can
know what is true and what is false. This question will occupy us in the present
chapter. There can be no doubt that some of our beliefs .....

In 2002-2004, I took part in the reform of the energy complex of Russia and was responsible for the reform ofreforming the energy systems ofin the South of Russia. All of these power systems were vertically integrated, joint-stock companies with numerous shareholders. Huge debts, ineffective and non-transparent ma.....

J’aime beaucoup mes études, mais ce quedont le monde est témoin deavec la pandémie(COVID-19), "La décision de suspension des cours représente une mesure préventive visant à protéger la santé des élèves, des stagiaires, des étudiants, des cadres administratifs et pédagogiques exerçant dans les établissem.....

The 19th century was known as the “era of mass media”media. Many magazines were printed and the newspaper, newspapers began to grow and the way howthat books were printed inon a paper pass to be something newprinting press was revolutionary. Images were printed in newspaper, books, and magazines, using many processes. Cyanotype; cyanotype, Anthotype processanthotype, waxed calot.....

This image is from the 19th century. The image is not high quality and it is a little blurry, but to be from that moment it is super shocking how you could still capture moments, even though it was not of the best quality. The interesting thing about this process is that it is one of the first photographic.....

Dear Mr Ahmed Khatib,
I'm writing to you to complain about the printer you sold me for $100 on Saturday, August 9, 2020
, the. The printer has reached my address on Hindaza Street, Bethlehem, and I have all the official sales papers and- I will send itthem to you by mail.
When I received the printer
, I identif.....

Letter of Thanks and Appreciation
With reference to the above caption, I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation on behalf of the Centre for the gifts listed below:
1. Vaccine
2. Solar panels,
Batteriesbatteries and Accessoriesaccessories
3. Microscope
The gifts have enhanced our performance in

Article 9 CISG explains the order in which commercial customs are to be taken into consideration for the purposes of interpreting and supplementing the parties' contract of sale. Accordingly, the parties are bound by practices existing between them. Article 9(1) CISG states further that these practi.....

Earlier, we featured a select few of our favorite Small Luxury Hotels properties in Europe. This week we’re looking in the other direction, and have pulled out a few notable and unique SLH properties in Asia and The Indian Ocean that are definitely going on our Hyatt hit list.

World of Hyatt recent

As a future best teacher, my first aim is to reach all students that admitare admitted to my class. FamiliarityBecoming familiar with the students is a very tough job for the purpose of developing a good relationship with them is a very tough job. I try my levelvery best to remember my all students’ names to continue this rapport forin the lo.....

Every pharmaceutical sales person wantwants to getsell maximum prescriptionprescriptions from doctors, wantin order to achieve hishis/her sales target,. They want to build strong relationships with doctor, wantdoctors and to get promoted quickly,. They don't want to take much time from doctors and so on; but. But can all Medical Representpharmaceutical represent.....

Mobile app development course:- since we know that the era of technologytechnology now entirely depends on Mobile Apps. Amobile apps, a mobile app is very essential for every business
Website development course:
- Webweb development is the creation and preservation of websites; it works atrefers to the back ofworks behind the scenes to buildinvolved in building a w.....

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So my mom brought the birthday gift whichthat the guy gave me to a dhamma-kathika, and I think that is why I dreamed of many guys, and sometimesit might also explain why my mother also sometimes appeared in the dreams. And I already told my mom I don’t want to get married.

When I asked God why
the bad things happened to.....

Because of their specific properties, the lanthanide elements are increasingly used in diverse applications such as medicine, cosmetics, glass additives, high-intensity lighting, lasers, refractive index lenses, catalysts, the mining industry and nuclear technology [2, 3]. Despite the importance of .....

I am submitting a request to have my hourly wage increased to "top" pay for the dispatch position. In 2001, my journey started with Copart and I have worked and strived to hold an excellent work record. Over the last 19 years I have deployed several times with the CAT team and left at a moment's not.....

I just spoke to Rose. She has requested a monthly reimbursement in the amount of $590. She cooks Ms Gittens’ meals at home and estimated that she spends about $350 on groceries. She indicated that she would not be able to provide receipts since she buys groceries for Jean and her own family at the s.....

Language exercise with voice
A new style of learning a language

Learn by sound and spelling
for a new world

PC or note PC with an audio recording device.
A microphone, a headset would be useful.
A quiet, private location to do voice exercises would help.

Language exercise

Right before it was your turn to sing, you jumped for joy as you said can"Can it be my turn next.next?"
Once it was your turn to sing
, you walked up to the stage and said, hello"Hello."
Once you had finished
, your friends gave you a big clapapplauded fiercely and you sat back down for the next performance.
As you patiently