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Definición de escritura independiente
EscrituraLa escritura independiente es, más o menos, la redacción profesional realizada por autónomos. Ser autónomo es trabajar en diferentes puestos de trabajo o por períodosperiodos cortos de tiempo, sin ser un empleado fijo. La palabra 'autónomo'“autónomo” en sí misma proviene de la Eda.....

Perhaps in schools have the slogan to be: "'LearnLearn, learn, learn'learn!" to confirm for the studystudies. Learning or self-study is not finished in 10 years or 20 years. is finished,It is forever,. It is thefor one's whole life. When I was sitting on the school chair, the school's great task of them was good,. I was trying to learn well. Because why? SinceWhy? Because le.....

Dear Mrs Özge,
I've heard that we have to write you an e-mail in a formal way. First of all, I'd like to talk about our English worksheets. I've seen them on my Online Education System
, and I downloaded all four. It is not my intention to be sluggish but I haven't finished them yet, unfortunately. .....

Dear all,

First of all, thank you so much for your comments and suggestions. The discussion makes the work more productive. I’m going to answer the questions in the following lines:

- Logo: Thanks
, Diana, for pointing that out and thank you, Grace, for sharing the logo. I’m going to change it, a.....

Ideen für eine bessere Welt!


1. Wie können wir Essen zu Hause bestellen, ohne dass Kunststoffe für den einmaligen Gebrauch benötigt werden?

2. Wie
könntenkönnen wir die großen Müllinseln im Ozean beseitigen?

3. Wie
könntenkönnen wir den Abfall von Kleidung und Schuhen drastisch reduzieren.....

I am honoured today to introduce an important bill to parliament that is to extend the child care benefit till 21 years old age. Young Canadians are engaged, well-informed and passionate about their futures. These benefits can help them during their post-secondary education.
It will be benefici

I'm passionate about designing and writing software. Computer programming has been my passion
for 30 years. During this time, I have been coding software in so many different languages
, and platforms
to serve various industries. In 2008, I took a detour and left the software development area for a .....

The success of Enron was a big lie that the company's executives set up to hide the truth for
their own personal interests. Making financial performance the only criteria for
success led to strong quest for revenues,. High executive compensation incentives, such as stock
options tied up with theto financial per.....

Proofread Laura's email.


: Mum and Dad

: Laura

: New York, New York!

Professor Brown said that the best way to get the 'feel of a
sitycity' was to take a bus tour. We saw so many places. I'm sure I cantcan't remember half of them. Central Park is huge

huge! The tour guide told us it covers 343 a.....

My name is , and I am in your Composition Studies class 4597.02 - Global Culture (25550). I hope all is well but. I have a huge issue,; I was going onover my presentation slides for today’s discussion and my MacBook completely crashed. It's the only device I had my presentation file locatedon, and it is not linke.....

Hi James,
After spending a whole year in the UK, finally I came back to Mexico
,. I am enjoying my time here because I really missed my family, my home and my friends, but I’m not going to lie,: I miss you and your family a lot butand I hope you all are doing good.
Soon, I will start
Universityuniversity and fina.....

"The Pakistan Democratic movementsMovement's rally in Gujranwala is a public referendum
against the government which will conclude at its ouster.
The Pakistan Democratic Movement PDM Spokesperson Mian Iftikhar Hussain said
this in a statement on Saturday.
He said the struggle for ouster of the incumbent gov

Some people believe that most of the population areis informed about their health condition and the ways to improve their health status in the modern era. Although there are multiple ways to get informed about health conditionconditions these days, I completely disagree with the above statement.
As we know, mos.....

Since I am homeschooled, I don’t havehaven't had many experiences whereand I didn’t feel like I fit in until recently. We have been going to the same church for about 14 years, so of course I already know just about everyone there even though it is a huge church. Just a few months ago, when churches started having.....

I would like to apply for leadearsto become a leader. ThatThe program high motivehighly motivates me to become a global leader in the transition totowards a sustainable society. As a woman coming from athe country with the biggest forestlargest rainforest in the world, with a poor population noand not well-educated, no equal opportunitiespopulation, where there are disparities .....

In this issue of our Archi-News, we have the pleasure presentingto present the winners of the 2020 edition of the European Architecture Awards. With 517 project submissions sendsent in from all over Europe, the remarkable Juryjury members awarded 7 architects and their inspiring projects in 7 categories: office build.....

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing concerning an interview request.
I am a multimedia student studying in Brussels
, and I am part of a group that has received the assignment of doing a marketing analysis of a company by choice.

The assignment would consist of an interview and a visit to the

Hello, My name is Khulood Aziz. I am 19 years old. I was born on 27 March 2001. I have 2 amazing brothers and 2 beautiful Sisterssisters. My Personality is that I am a very calm person, practical, honest, social.sociable and I do care for others. I love to have fun also,. I am Kind-heartkind-hearted and tough at the same time,. I am from Budaiya a.....

I'm a great person, fun, spontaneous, and loving. I like to laugh like gut hurting laughsuntil it hurts. I love listening to music, watching scary movies, seeing &new things and traveling to new things/placesplaces. I want to become a flight attendant so I can meet new people and travel around the world. I ride horses in my free time and .....

The acceptance fromOver the past decade, acceptance has risen for the LGBTQ Community, but the discrimination and the voilenceviolence against it still prevails! We, as the youth of this developing country, live inunder the illusion of being unbiased but, in reality, our faces glower when we see a transgender approaching us on .....