weeks while you're on a business trip. thiswouldThis would be the perfect solution, all you need to do is park your car in astanleya Stanley robotics car garage and walk away; later on a robot will come by and retrieve your car, placing it in a secure location until you need it againwhenagain. When you' re ready to drive home the robot will locate your car in the lot, pick it up and bring it to you. thishelpsThis helps prevent damage to your vehicle by other cars, lowers the possibility of theft and keeps you from having to wander around in the weather searching for the car that you parked several weeks agovento ventoago. Vento is an amazing new portable fan that you can take anywhere you gobefore it wouldgo. It used to be very difficult to take a fan with you, especially to the gym or outdoors; however, this battery-powered fan can easily fit into your bagbackpackbackpack or purse so that you'll

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