One of the most prominent sources of competitive advantage is the ability to differentiate a business from competitors. This is Hilton’s focus: Whatwhat does Hilton offer that their competition does not? The ability to sustain that differentiation from competitors will dependeddepend on two things: being perceived as a high value to buyers, and a lack of limitation by competitors. Hilton owns ten different hotel brands, ranging from luxury to budget chains. However, Hilton lacked a unique ‘boutique’ brand; therefore, they could not compete with other competitors in this category. With the competition strong among hoteliers, this motivated Hilton Worldwide to upgrade their product and differentiate their brands. Customers were looking for something different, new, memorable, and experiential. Christopher Nassetta, Chief Executive Officer of Hilton, announced Hilton’s plans to launch their very first ‘boutique’ brand – ‘Curio‘Curio‘ – in June of 2014. Who would Hilton target with their boutique hotel and how would they differentiate themselves from other competitors, like Edition by Marriott International and Andaz by Hyatt Hotel Corporation?

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