What makes writing wellgood could be compared to arts, toart. To make the art majestic, you must get every single little detail on point,; the same goes for writing. Good writing usually consists of many steps. Good writingIt should have an aliveness that keeps a reader reading from one paragraph to the other. You must use the English language in a way that will achieve the greatest clarity and strength in your writing. For instance, William ZinzerZinsser states that rewritingre-writing your phrases and doing it many times over is the essence of writing, as well. asAlso, having a daily schedule established for your writing makeswill help make your writing good. The spicekey ingredient in good writing is to strip every sentence to its cleanest components. Like, like getting rid of every single word that serves no function, or ashortening unnecessarily long word that could be shortened andwords, and in many other ways.

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