Hi All,

Good day to you all. Today is Tuesday
, and it is a lovely day.

The deadline for the current task for our amazing students is due shortly. I have reminded you before
and and remandingreminding you again, to make sure that the student’sstudents submit this on time and marked it is properly.

The deadline for submission is on WED
, and everything must be marked by THURS.


For the marking make sure that you submitted to your manager on time and the score sheet is all filled in with all the details and it has been done and on time and in the right place. This has been explained to you in your training and should all be clear to you.

This task is very important to complete, so make sure it is done!!!!!! Check the guide sent to you before.

There should be no questions as you had a previous training and all the info has been sent out
totoo many times to you all. Check your emails again to find the information.

, remember next week is the exam for the final exam. You should have all completed units 1-8 by now and startstarted the rev. These exams are really easy as they are multiple choice. Remember to tell the students, that it's very important they know.

, remember to submit your portfolciosportfolios for the students next week after the exam after the marking for the ss work. I will confirm the date & time some time soon. It is just a reminder so you do not forget.

Have a good time marking and good day to you all.

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