Opening a newspaper or a daily that does not contain anything about artificial intelligence has become almost unthinkable. AI is a very hot topic, but you have most probably also noticed that AI does not mean the same thing to everyone. Also, people often have opinions ready,; the quotes above are examples of itthis. We cannot deny that Artificial Intelligenceartificial intelligence has had a huge impact on our lives. A few examples are as follows: Personalisedpersonalised suggestions from Netflix or Spotify, voice and facial recognition systems, virtual assistance, etc.
But what is AI? What implications are involved? In this essay, we will discuss these issues.

Alan Turing, an English mathematician and pioneer of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, first mentioned the subject of AI in 1950 in his famous article 'Computing Machinery and Intelligence'
,; in it the imitation game is introduced to shed light on whether or not a machine can effectively exhibit human intelligence. The year 1956 is known as the birth of AI, when the term Artificial Intelligenceartificial intelligence is inaugurated as a new kind of field of work. This happened at the Dartmouth conference led by John McCarthy.

We could say that the basic idea of AI is an intelligence cycle.
We create technology, and that technology supports and enhances our own intelligence
(computers, calculators, etc.). , theseThese things help us to become more intelligent. Through that greater intelligenceintellect of ourselves, assisted by technology, we create better technology, this. This again increases and strengthens our intelligence, and this can continue indefinitely.

Strangely, there is still no exact definition today for what exactly is meant by artificial intelligence.
One definition could be this: AI is the ability of a machine to exhibit human-like skills -, such as reasoning, learning, planning and creativity.
Another definition
couldmight be this: AI is the intelligence by which machines, software and devices solve problems independently.

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