Good morning, principalPrincipal Barone. My name is Yuliya Kutikova,. I am athe mom of one of the 2nd graders, Jaiden, in your school, and also a professionally certified teacher. I am reaching out to see if you will possiblemay possibly have an opening for the next school year for a teacher, prek-2ndPre-K-2nd grade. Please review my attached resume. Though all of my 6 years of experience is in PreKat Pre-K level, I am very excited and eager to move to higher grades, preferably 1st or 2nd grade. But of course, I will agreed owould agree to teach at any grade if you will have an open position. Jaiden is really enjoysenjoying the school this year and we live just down the block. This would bebe the ideal job for me for many reasons, not just logistics.
I am aware that it is rather early for you to start
the hiring process, and I know you have to go through the DOE, and by the way, I am in that database as well. But I just wanted to be proactive and let you know that you have a great, responsible, bilingual, teacher right around the corner waiting for the opportunity.
Thank you so much for your time. Have a great rest of the week
Warmly, Yuli

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